Marjan Stone Group has one of the biggest factories and several mines in the west of Iran and has been established in 2004 in the Kordestan province at Industrial town no.2 and is one of the pioneers of stone industry which consists of production and export departments for blocks and processed products.

Marjan Stone Group produces travertine, marble and Lime stones in the forms of slab and tile, it has a wide range of beautiful Iranian stones, hence it distributes stone in Iran and also exports stone to more than 30 countries in the world.

Marjan Stone factory has the best Italian machines with up-to-date technology and presents its products with high quality in accordance with international standards.

Marjan Stone Group has one of the biggest Block stocks in the best region of Iran with a big availability of valuable Iranian stone and is able to supply Block stone to all the factories in Iran and in international markets.

About Marjan Golden Trading companies:


Company Name: Marjan Golden Trading

Trade Name: Marjan Stone co

Established: 2004 by Ebrahim Mirzaei

Ownership: Private joint stock

Register Number: 458856

Total Number of employee: 320 members

Iran Head Office:

Address: #2, No.136, 17th Street, North AmirAbad, Tehran, Iran.

Post Code: 1439833473

TeleFax: (+98)2188359023 /(+98)2188359067 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Iran Factory:

Address: 2nd Industrial zone, Sanandaj, Iran.

Tel: +98 912 1381392

Export Terminal:

Address: 4th Shaqayeq, Khajeh Nasir Blvd, Shams Abad industrial zone,

5 KM after the International Emam Khomeini Airport, Tehran-Qom Highway.

UK Office:

Name: Mr.Ramin

Address: 49 Blood way, Cardiff, CF24IQE, United Kingdom.

Tel: 07429535785

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UAE Office:

Name: Mr. Sheikh Suleiman

Address: No.4, 2nd Street, 8th Spring, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE.