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We are exhibiting at the 16th China Xiamen international stone fair.

Please come to see our latest products and discuss how we can meet your sourcing needs.

Look forward to meeting you in Xiamen.

Our Booth No: A3931

Iranstone Exhibition       Iran Stone Exhibition

Onyx is also treated as a gemstone and it has been used as a jewelry item by individuals. It provides people with sharper senses. It brings about a great background and makes other shades more worth watching. Black form of Onyx blends wonderfully with other combinations of lighter shades. And moreover it can be easily cut into different sizes and shapes. So Onyx can definitely get a great rapport for its immense talents and friendliness to people.


The fact is that it is rarely found and is quite exotic and gives it an upper hand over other natural stones. People wish to possess all, that is exotic and rare to find and hence this natural stone has made quite impact on everyone.


Onyx marble has lots of uses. The most common onyx uses are for the tops of tables, fireplaces, or as a small kitchen island. It can be used as cabochons, as well, and materials for construction. When used, onyx needs careful consideration in order to use it in residential areas. Consider your lifestyle and your conditions before buying onyx for your countertops or worktops.


Other uses of onyx are wall panels, home floors, tables, and sink base. Onyx can be used as a novelty item. These items include vases, wine goblets, urns, bowls and lamps. It has incredible uses wherein it can accent the stone. It can be utilized with lights and back lightings in order to attract more attention to the transparent qualities of the stone. Onyx is available in a tile shape and large slabs for more style and flair.

Onyx slabs refer to large pieces of Onyx. Onyx slabs are usually 2-5 cm (centimeters) thick. The width of a slab is up to 67", the length of an onyx slab is up to 115". Onyx slabs are usually exported by the bundle.