Shayan Marble is a valuable marble with a light and warm cream color, which is considered to be one of the best types of cream marbles. Shayan marble is world famous and is one of the most widely used types of marbles. Dehbid Shayan is located in Fars province and Bavanat city near Fenjan village and due to its great similarity to different types of marbles in Dehbid city, including the best of them called Dehbid Chah-e-Marghi, from which it takes its name. And now it is one of the best types of Shayan marble. The unique quality, which is due to the physical and chemical properties, has won the trust of all consumers who have used it.

Shayan marble with light cream and bone color is widely used in various construction projects, which has gained the trust of many builders and architects over the past few decades. However, today the popularity of using classic designs and cream colors, which is one of the features of classic designs, is declining, and the tendency to use neutral colors, especially white, gray and black, which are synonymous with modern designs, is increasing. , But Shayan marble still has countless fans.

Usage of Shayan Marble

Shayan marble, due to the light cream and bone color, is widely used in flooring of various construction projects, especially classic designs. In addition to the widespread use in flooring, the usage in all interior spaces for walls is also very common.

In general, the uses of Shayan marble can be described as follows:

–       Flooring stones of various commercial and residential units

–       Flooring stones in a variety of luxury project lobbies, including hotels

–       All types of walls and interior facades

–       Stairs and parking floors

–       Usage in luxury bathroom projects

–       Usage in decorative industries including fireplaces and sculpture

Shayan Marble Price

Shayan marble is one of the luxury and almost expensive stones and among the wide range of cream marbles, Shayan is the most expensive one. But Shayan marble, like other types of Dehbid marbles, especially Chah-e-Marghi marble, has different grades, and allows customers to choose one of the sorts of Shayan marble with any budget. The best varieties of Shayan Marbles are bright, uniform, low-veined and low-fossil stones with one-color range. Each of these factors affects the grading in this marble stone and reduces its price.

In addition to stone sorting, other parameters such as its size and dimension, the thickness of final stone product, the quality of polishing level and the type of finishing process in this stone product also affect its price. Marjan Stone Company with his up-to-date and modern factories, produces and supplies this stone with the highest possible quality in accordance with European standards.

Shayan Marble Slab

Like many other luxury stones, the production of standard slabs premium grade makes the beauty of this product better visible. However, due to the vast export of the best blocks from the mine in raw form, access to quality blocks to produce super slabs or large size is a challenge for this product. But Marjan Stone Company, with his expertise and long history in the production of various types of Shayan marbles, is able to produce and supply a wide range of high quality slabs. This is a great response to the growing trend for using slabs in many construction projects.

Material Marble
Code MSM-130
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream


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