Marjan Stone Company started by establishing the first stone factory in Sanandaj city of Iran on 2004 and the factory named Marjan Stone Company at the time.
Stone production during those years was done by old equipment and in traditional ways. Although, the stone production was one of the important industries among others, but unfortunately Iranian stone factories were known as unqualified and traditional stone producers in international market. A low quality production that was far away from modern since of stone production in the international market. Producing unique stones like luxury Onyxes or cracked Crystals was almost impossible and success in producing such stone products was accidentally and luckily.

There was other weaknesses and problems that used to cause harder situations for the stone industry at the time as well, things like lack of knowledge in proper packaging, logistics and shipping in one hand and limitation in financial transaction according Iran’s banking limitations on the other hand. That is why the main focus of stone production development in Marjan stone co was about to amend the current situation, focus on exporting, high quality production, high volume production, providing proper services for local market, especially the international market and Changing the situation of the Iranian stone production in international market.

Due to mentioned issues, we focused on weaknesses and in order to resolve them we decided to stablish our second factory in Tehran at Shams Abad Industrial Park, special zone, to be properly responsive to our customers. Fortunately, by starting this factory other stone factories also started to do role modeling from our modern factory which caused the stone industry to lift up and produce stone products in high volume and high quantity with international standards and high production grade in all country. That is why we can see high quality stone products from Iran in all international stone markets around the world. We can say the quality of stone production form Iran’s stone industry is higher than many stone origin industries like Turkey and china plus is accepted by all international stone markets around the world.

Marble Factory

At the beginning Marjan Stone co focused on stablishing the largest stone factory in Iran and west Asia for producing soft stone products like Travertine, Marble and Onyx.

Establishing such factory for soft stones also determined other developing movements at the same time by opening of some luxury stone quarries, showrooms and Stockyards. MGT as an international company came together based on mentioned policy.

Marjan Factory

Location Sanandaj City
Production Marble/Travetine/Onyx
Capacity 400.000 SQM / YEAR
Employees 120 Persons
Facilites 3 Gangsaws / 3 Block Cutters

Marjan Stone Co.’s Factory established in northwest of Iran located in Sanandaj City on 2004, to produce high volume production with high quality according updated production methods. The factory established with the most updated and high technology in stone production in a facility with 30,000 SQM in area. The factory includes three gang saws and three block cutter machines. It has also one of the most advance polishing systems for slabs and tiles in joined format. All equipment have been imported from Spain and Gisbert Company. They are able to provide a production line that is capable to produce tiles with 80 Cm with including any thickness. We also installed the most advanced production line from Tumble Italy. Marjan Stone Co is able to produce up to 400.000 SQM of tile of different type of slabs and tiles annually and there is a possibility to increase the production volume up to 600.000 SQM annually as well.


Akam Factory

Location Tehran City
Production Marble/Travertine/Onyx
Capacity 150.000 SQM/YEAR
Employees 40 Persons
Facilities Gangsaw / Slab

Since the work range of Marjan stone co increased and MGT brand was started working and exporting throughout the world, our senior managers realized that producing high quality of unique and luxury stone products by export oriented view. On the other hand Marjan Stone Co realized the need for being close to main market in Tehran as well as being close to IKA airport for better access to our customer. Therefore we stablished our second factory in Shams Abad Industrial park in 2015.
Akam stone have been establish in a field with 10.000 SQM area and is capable of producing 150.000 SQM of stone product annually. The unique future of this modern factory is producing the maximum quality according to European and global standards.