Since our first factory was very extensive with high volume production, from the beginning of establishment in Marjan stone Company which is located in Kurdistan Area, Managers started their working activity in field of quarries as well in order to supply our factory at the same time.

At the beginning the intention was to supply our factories in Marjan stone co but in short time we were led to support and supply stone blocks for many local stone factories and exporting to international markets as well.

Marble Quarry

The Quarries in MGT group would be Travertine and Marble. The beautiful and unique stone of royal black is the first marble quarry in Marjan Stone Company. Bianco Coral Marble was also the first Marble quarry that have been used at the beginning of MGT’s quarry development. Marjan Stone Company’s development plan for quarries would be on marble stones in future.

Travertine Quarry

Travertine quarry has the highest number in Marjan Stone Group. The reason of focusing on travertine stones is the great importance of Iran’s Travertines in international markets, which is according to MGT’s work plan on top of other stone products and have been exported to about 60 countries around the world. We can name Bianco coral Marble as an example that is the oldest Quarry from our stone group. The other quarry would be Marjan silver that brought about great position to our group in such vast and high demanded Travertine market among all other travertine stones in Iran and international stone markets.

The most valuable Travertine quarry in Marjan stone group would be Takab White Travertine that made Marjan stone group the only supplier of such Travertine stone in to the international markets. Miandoab Beige and cream Travertine quarry is the newest quarry that is added to our quarry group recently.

Onyx Quarry

Onyx quarries in Marjan stone co considered to complete the value of our quarries alongside to rest of our quarries. Marjan Stone co.’s strategy in developing onyx quarries is to find and extract unique quarries only. Therefore MGT opened his first Onyx quarry in Miandoab city that called Diana Smoky Onyx. We also took it to next level by working on Green Onyx stone in our other quarry as well.


Location Khomein City
Material Black Marble
Capacity 3000 Tons / Month
Distance 2 hours from HQ

The exclusive quarry of Royal Black from MGT have stones with black background that is decorated with irregular white flowers and designs. This quarry is located in Markazi Province and Khomein City, Iran.

The future in this quarry is being large and extent plus close to the center of stone quarries in this area including easy access to quarry that made us to be able to produce high volume stone production in this quarry. Marjan Stone Co planning to increase the extract and production of 5000 Tons of stone blocks from this quarry monthly.


Location Miandoab City
Material Grey and White Onyx
Capacity 500 Tons / Month
Distance 2 hours / Flight

Diana Smoky Onyx located in Miandoab City. This beautiful Onyx have a white background with wide black lines in wavy format that bring about a very nice 3d image on this stone. It is interesting to know that the unique future of this onyx is that there is no similar type of onyx in Iran and other countries in the world. Marjan Stone Co is working to increase the production in this quarry.




Location Sanandaj City
Material White Travertine
Capacity 3000 Tons / Month
Distance 5 hours from HQ

Marran Travertine Quarry located in Kurdistan Province. White marran travertine stone have no wave without veins and low porosity with high polishing level that brings about a very beautiful stone product. Marran Travertine is one of the most wanted Travertine products in Iran’s local market.


Location Miandoab City
Material Silver Travetine
Capacity 2000 Tons / Month
Distance 2 hours / Flight

Marjan Silver Travertine Quarry is also located in Miandoab City. The unique future of this stone is the light color of this stone. There are verity of dark silver travertines in Iran but there are not many light wavy silver travertines available in market. We can say the meaning of light travertine is observable in Marjan silver Travertine clearly in compassion to other travertines. The existence of Marjan silver Travertine in Marjan stone co made us to be the most reliable supplier of Silver travertine in the world with brand of MGT.


Location Tekab
Capacity 2000 Tons / Month
Distance 2 hours / Flight


Location Hesar Sefid
Capacity 2000 Tons / Month
Distance 2 hours / Flight