One of the famous patterned white marble that is a special pattern from Carrara marble in origin. There is a very eye catching pattern in Arabescato Marble by having delicate gray and black longitudinal lines in white background that makes it a very irregular and unique design in this marble.

The origin of Arabescato Marble is Italy. There is a great consumption of Arabescato Marble in counter tops, Walls, flooring, Rest rooms and many other areas of building for Arabescato Marble as a luxurious stone marble products.

Persian Arabescato

Persian Arabescato is very similar to Italian Arabescato, like some other stones that have wonderful similarity to Italian stone products and in some cases even have more verity in design and patterns comparing to the similar Italian Arabescato Marble. Persian Arabescto have the possibility to be supplied in high volume as well. The great difference is the cost of Persian Arabescato Marble that is more affordable comparing to Italian version. That is why customers prefer Persian Arabescato Marble more than Italian type and it gives them great flexibility to use it in a building project for higher volume.

Arabescato Slab

The beauty of Persian Arabescato is truly observable on the slab format. The unique design and patterns are very eye catching in Persian Arabescato slab. Persian Arabescato book matches are like paintings on the wall, representing a pure and wild picture of nature beautifully. Consumption is increasing for Persian Arabescato according modern Architecture and have great usage in many commercial and residential building projects.

Marjan Stone Co. provides different type of Persian Arabescato slabs for customers who are looking for modern designs and white background color.

Arabescato Tile

Persian Arabescato Tiles are suggested for customers who are looking for modern designs and white background color. The beauty of Persian Arabescato is more observable in larger Tiles. We suggest to use larger Persian Arabescato tiles, especially in large rectangles format, in order to make it more match with modern Architecture methods for new building projects. The strategy in Mrjan Stone Co. is to cut beautiful slabs of Persian Arabescato into largest possible rectangles formats.

Material Marble
Code MS-M81
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White


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