Brown Marble

Brown or chocolate is one of the basic colors in the stone industry. Brown marble base color means that it is used only as a product and base color in construction projects.

There is a wide range of brown marbles in Iran and the rest of the world, some of which, like the Emperador brown marble, are world-famous and are considered among the luxury and precious stones of construction and stone industry. but in the construction industry, there is always need for brown products that is not only acceptable in terms of health and durability, but also this type of stone, ie brown marble, can be provided to projects that are intended to be consumed in large quantities uniformly at reasonable prices.

Therefore, Marjan Stone Company offers its special product with the name of Armani Bronze marble to its esteemed customers.

Armany Bronze Marble

One of the brown marbles in the  stone collection of Marjan Stone Company is Armani Bronze Marble. Armany Bronze Marble is a stone with a uniform brown background with two types of colors, dark brown and light brown or bronze, which, despite the presence or absence of golden spidery veins, again provides a variety of products to the consumer.

Brown Marble Slab

Armani Bronze offers consumers a very appropriate, economical and uniform option in the case of brown marble slabs. The feature of brown marble slabs (Armani Bronze) is the availability of standard slabs with maximum size.

The uniformity of this brown marble slab, the problems that other brown marble slabs have in similar products, makes the product stable and reliable.

Brown Marble Tile

Marjan Stone Company, by offering a variety of brown marbles, including Armani Bronze Marble, which is one of the most widely used and economical stones in construction projects, announces its readiness to provide fast and appropriate response to customers.


Material Marble
Code MS-M61
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Brown


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