The most eminent and the most widely used color in all stone categories and its different kinds refers to Beige Travertine with different and various color spectrums.

The use of Beige Travertine is beyond fashion and fashion modification and retain its place as a constitutive color in in every classic and modern architectural design and method.

Beige Travertine is not specific for a particular culture or a group of countries and it is considered as a common cultural element in architectural science for all cultures all over the world.

Marjan Stone Company and its international brand, MGT Stone Co, have allocated a great importance to this strategic product so that the mining operation related to this product is regarded as one the developmental and foundational decisions.

Light Beige Travertine

Depending on cultural definitions, especially color wise features the word Beige Travertine submerges wide spectrums of different colors from dark travertines to cream colored travertines.

Beige Travertine is a stone with cream color which tends to be close to light golden color.

Light Beige Travertine is the most demanded and highly accepted in a way that the rest of Travertine stones in this range are assessed and compared with Light Beige Travertine.

Light Beige Travertine is one the most popular and widely used stone among Iranian natural stones and main part of our production in MGT Stone Company is related to the supplement of this stone.

We have always a huge amount of Light Beige Travertine blocks and slabs available in our stocks in order to respond the extensive inquiries of our clients.

Beige Travertine Tiles

Beige Travertine tiles are one of the consistence and the most required products among Travertine classification which is always more than requests upon slabs of this kind.

At the same time, we allocate most of our production capacity in MGT Stone Company to the production of Light Beige Travertine tiles.

Due to the acceptance of tiles and other dimensions of Beige Travertine around the world, some of countries including Arab countries, especially UAE, Kuwait, far and East Asian Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia have more request upon tiles.

The common and the most used sizes of tile are 60*60* and 60*30 cm.

Beige Travertine tiles are mostly used as vein cut and cross cut.

Beige Travertine Slab

Beige Travertine Slabs are highly used stones which are being exported from Iran to many countries by MGT Stone Company.

According to need and interests of our customers, in MGT Stone Company, we produce and present this product through different processes.

The most common type of processing of Beige Travertine slab is glossy polished.

Honed, leather and raw finishes are the other kinds of processing being applied on this stone.

Having one the most valuable Beige Travertine quarry, MGT Stone Company is able to present slabs of this product with super high quality and unlimited quantity.

Beige Travertine Block

In response to the consistent inquires and the esteemed clients’ demands which is coincided with the lack of high qualified Beige Travertine blocks in the world, in MGT stone Company, we consider the expansion of Beige Travertine quarries as one of our main guidelines/ frameworks among our quarry developmental plans.

In order to fulfil the absolute production and supplement of this strategic product, MGT Stone Company has opened Beige Travertine quarry which is located in Takab city.

Our dear clients may come and choose the high qualified blocks which are stores in MGT Stone Company’s block stocks or quarry.

Classic Travertine

Beige Travertine is considered as a Classic Travertine.

Classic Travertine is found in other countries, including Turkey. But the quality of Iranian Classic Travertine in terms of quality, color uniformity, pattern and its waves distinguish it from the same product of other countries in the world.

Owning an exclusive quarry, MGT Stone Company has provided various choices for customers.

Material Travertine
Code MST-105
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Beige


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