Bianco Onyx

Bianco Onyx is symbol of elegance, luxury, sobriety and purity. Sought after for its rarity, it will bring a sense of uniqueness to any interior space.

Bianco Onyx is among the most rare and precious stones in the World. It has been used in luxurious onyx handcrafts since ancient times. Bianco Onyx has a distinctive old-world feel about it, with its ochre, tea-stained tones and patterning reminiscent of an ancient parchment or unfurled scroll. As a feature in an interior design scheme, this onyx could work exceptionally well in a more sophisticated space with classic references geared towards a more refined palette, throughout the design concept. Backlighting this onyx would create a mystical and enticing atmosphere.

Bianco Onyx Tile

Bianco Onyx tiles require some care, but with a little maintenance you can keep them looking brand new for years. If you are looking for something distinctive, consider Bianco Onyx tile for your flooring surfaces. We offer a small variety of inimitable color options. If you want Bianco Onyx tiles for your projects, we are only one click away.You can either fill out our contact form or chat with us through WhatsApp or send us an email at info@marjanstoneco.com.

Bianco Onyx Slab

Like sheets of colored glass, Bianco Onyx Slab has a transparent quality that makes it a favorite of architects and designers looking for a standout material for feature spaces like bars, reception counters or bath suites. Each Bianco Onyx Slab can vary dramatically in color and veining, making them true individual works of art, an attribute that makes the best Onyx slabs both rare and costly.

Marjan Stone Company brings comprehensive Bianco onyx slabs selections for you based on their designs, styles, colors, sizes, stone forms, and many more so that you can choose according to your requirements. These Bianco onyx slabs are available as big slabs, gang saw slabs, blocks, thin slabs, and more, and are ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, stores, and so on, with smooth textures such as polished, glossy, matt-finished, and many more to fit into your requirements. Custom-cut  Bianco onyx slabs variations are also available for any type of remodeling needs.

Bianco Onyx Block

Bianco onyx blocks have different types of purity namely, standard type and the pure type and some quarries include both Bianco onyx grades in one place. Marjan Stone Company is the quarry owner of Bianco onyx and is able to produce and export Bianco onyx blocks, Bianco onyx Slabs and Bianco onyx tiles in large quantities and at competitive prices.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-104
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White

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