Black Mamba Marble

Black Mamba Marble

Black Mamba Marble has a very dark brown background which causes great similarity to a black marble stone. There are golden or light brown lines distributed thorough such dark background on this stone.

These golden lines causes a 3D view on this stone and if direct light applies on it, it would looks even more beautiful. This beautiful black marble comes from Fars province and Dehbid city. This is a rich area in verity of marbles, especially in cream and brown color and is very famous in the world market.

The quality and healthiness of different type of Dehbid marbles and Black Mamba marbles as well caused a lot polishing level that makes these stone products even more shiny and beautiful. Black Mamba Marble is one of regular stone products provided by Marjan stone annually with highest form of quality in different process and formats like Blocks, Slabs and Tiles all the time.

Dark Brown Marble

Marjan Stone co provides vast variety of dark brown marbles. Different types of dark brown marbles have great importance in this category. Black Mamba Marble as a dark brown marble is considered very important as a very dark brown marble close to black marble for many local and international markets worldwide.

Marjan stone co is able to produce and supply this stone products as mass production and supply it regularly.

Brown Spider Marble

Brown Spider Marble is another kind of Black Mamba Marble. Calling it spider is because of colorless and sometimes colorful golden lines that is distributed all thorough the background uniformly.

Marjan stone’s spider marble has a very nice and amazing 3D design. Marjan stone co is producer of high quality slabs, large tiles of brown spider marble with highest quality including all type of processing like polish, hound and etc.


Material Marble
Code MSM-144
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black


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