Black Travertine is one of the most popular Iranian Travertine stones that because of neutral and dark color have many usages in decorative and architecture matters. Marjan Stone Co opened its own second and exclusive quarry of Black travertine in Takab city at 2020, in order to be responsive to our respected clients worldwide and make mass production in such amazing Travertine stone.


The dark Hesar Silver Travertine as of one of Marjan’s own quarries is the most desirable and beautiful dark silver in Iran. The unified color of this stone without any yellowish spots with regular waves and smoky color on the background of this stone, makes it quite different comparing to other similar silver travertines in Iran.

One of the unique futures of Hesar Travertine would be the longer height of blocks for this stone that leads to proper height in producing slabs. Comparing to the similar dark silver Travertines like Black travertine with shorter blocks height because of the quarries specification. That is Why Marjan Stone Co by having its own exclusive quarry as Hesar Titanium Travertine was successful to resolve this limitation in size of blocks and slabs on dark silver travertines.  MGT is able to provide high production in large scales in order to supply universal projects in shortest time and highest quality.

Usage of Black Travertine Slabs

1- One of the most important usage of black travertine is installation in main and outdoor facades of buildings. Many building projects prefer to use different kind of silver travertine in their main facades since there is limitation in colors for travertine stones like cream and white travertines.

2- Using Black Travertine for indoor walls is also common and high consumption.

3- This beautiful product is also highly used in flooring, landscaping, indoor and outdoor rooms Since Black Travertine and MGT’s exclusive dark silver Travertine, Hesar Travertine, are both highly healthy.

Black Travertine Slabs

Marjan Stone Co is able to produce and provide the maximum size of slabs in unlimited quantity according the customer’s requirement. Iran’s silver travertine is one of the most wanted stones among other stone products for export level. Black travertine includes a large part of MGT’s production as well. Marjan Stone Co have, a very unique stock yard from different type of silver travertines and is able to load several containers of silver travertines in shortest time and at the same time from the ready stocks in our warehouse . This is along with our several silver travertine quarries like light silver travertines, titanium travertine and smoky dark travertines that makes us to be able to supply our customers sufficiently.

Black Travertine Blocks

Black Travertine Block is one of the highest in stones in export. Black Travertine Block is exported to many countries worldwide, countries like China, Turkey, Italy, Spain and many other countries. In other sense, all the countries with advance stone industry are interested in having Iran’s valuable Black travertine blocks. But considering the high inquiry for Black travertine blocks in the local market in one hand and limitation of quarries on the other hand makes it very hard and challenging matter for production.  That is why Marjan Stone co decided to increase our quarries progress and is able to supply all kind of Black Travertine Blocks by opening two unique Black travertine quarries recently. You are invited by Marjan Stone Co to visit our exclusive quarries any time.

Features of Black Travertine Stone

1- To conform to the architecture of the day

2- Usability in both classic and modern projects.

3- The proper pricing compare to white and cream Travertines.

4-  High Uniformity in Black Travertine Stone.

5- High health and low porosity that causes high polishing level and shiny look.

6- Optimal physical and chemical condition including high resistance to pressure and impact.

7- Resistance against different climates.

8- Highly inquired in local and international markets for many projects.

9- The possibility for vain cut and cross cut production.


Material Travertine
Code MST-100
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black Silver


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