Black Wave Marble, as its name implies, is a wavy black marble. The special smoky color of it, looks like you are painting a thick smoky color on the canvas repeatedly in parallel or wavy pattern. The traces of the brush on the canvas and sometimes the whiteness of the canvas appear in the labyrinth of black colors. In the black background of the stone there are numerous grey and silvered colored streams patterns are present. This is the beauty of Black Wave Marble.

Black Marble Vs. White Marble:

In contrast with the white marble’s luminosity, black marble provides further elegance resulting in an unmissable perfect match. This fusion of tones is not exclusive to the minimalist style, as it can also be part of other styles such as the modern classical look.

Other Names of Black Wave Marble

You may have heard of Black Wave Marble under various names such as Mercury Black Marble, Zebra Black Marble, Dark Wave Marble and Black Sea Wave Marble.

Applications of Black Wave Marble

It is used for making countertops, Flooring and wall cladding.

Material Marble
Code MSM-173
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black

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