In the construction industry and relevant industries, especially the building stone industry and natural stones, blue is always considered a special color. In other words, blue is a symbol of luxury. The amount of its variety is also very limited, if it is on any floor, material, and group of stones, it will probably turn it into a valuable and precious commodity. For example, blue granite or blue onyx are very limited and are considered precious products in their category. Meanwhile, blue onyx is one of the most valuable and special types of onyx colors, which, like many other special colors, originates almost exclusively in Iran. Blue onyx has a blue, turquoise, dark, or light blue background color, which weins. Marjan Stone sometimes gives a very unique beauty of golden and white Company produces all kinds of blue marbles and provides them to special customers.

Blue Onyx Tile

Blue onyx tile is in high demand among other types of onyx today. In addition to the beauty of this product, in general, the products of Marjan Stone Company, due to the availability of its raw stone at a reasonable price, have a higher uniformity than other special onyx. Marjan stone Company recommends that it is better to use this beautiful product indoors, both on the wall and the floor.

Blue Onyx Slab

The beauty of blue onyx is considered in the large slabs and standard production of Marjan stone Company, which is produced with the highest quality and the most specialized production methods in Marjan stone factories. Due to the uniformity of color in blue onyx and the lack of waste mineral compounds in blue onyx products, the blue onyx slabs of Marjan Stone Company can be supplied from high quantities. On the other hand, Marjan Stone Company offers several types of blue onyx slabs.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-106
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Blue

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