Brown Onyx is one of the most luxurious onyxes that we can find it just in Iran. Brown Onyx is located in northwestern Iran and we cannot find a lot quarries of it in Iran.

Brown Onyx is available in two forms, dark brown and light brown, in which colors from the brown spectrum are evenly distributed on it. Marjan Brown Onyx  is very healthy, has a high sanding ability, its purity is very high and there are no travertine veins in it. Marjan Stone Company offers its brown onyx  to the world markets in the form of blocks, slabs, and tiles.

Brown Onyx Slabs

Brown Onyx of Marjan Stone Company, since has very high health it, can create the standard, large size slabs in lengths and very attractive, and beautiful patterns. Each of which looks like an artistic painting. Brown Onyx slabs are used for decoration and interior spaces and are not recommended for outdoor use at all because the transparency and polish of all types of onyx in the outdoor space are lost.

Brown Onyx Tile

Brown Onyx tile is used in large dimensions in various spaces and interior decorations. The function of brown tile onyx is in interior decoration, a variety of countertops, hotel lobbies, the reception of public and private places, handicrafts and, sculpture that we can say it is a very luxurious and valuable product.

Brown Onyx Block

Marjan Stone Company is considered the main supplier of brown onyx block .Brown Onyx Block is supplied to all parts of the world by Marjan Stone Company.

Material Marble
Code MSO-107
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Brown


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