Brown is a color of travertine that is found in most parts of the world and especially countries with mineral reserves of travertine. But similar to majority of travertines, this color of travertine in Iran is of a unique appearance and quality. The exceptional background here has absolutely brown tone added by regular and directive movements of the darker shades.  MARJAN STONE has singled out the best quality of brown travertine quarry to own and is supplying it to the global market.

Brown Travertine Tile

Thanks to its affordability, brown travertine tiles have high demand in market and are employed in majority of construction projects in different ways. The stunning brown travertine tile can be widely manufactured and supplied in different finishes including polished, honed, leathered, filled or unfilled. The brown travertine tile is suitable as the main cover or the accent one in exterior or interior environments.

Dark Brown Travertine

Marjan Stone is offering travertine in various colors and tone alternatives from bright to the most possible dark. There are clients who are looking for special color contrasting against the background neutral shade whom Marjan Stone  suggest this dark brown travertine to. Travertine is characterized by fading under natural sunlight over long time. This feature adds value to the colors of cream and white travertine over time. But, in some cases users prefer not to employ colors such as brown in exterior areas. Marjan Stone offers here dark brown travetine.

Brown Travetine Slab

Marjan Stone Company provides a variety of processed brown travertine slabs in different shades. All these products are backed with mesh and coated with epoxy finish and clients can always choose between the wavy (vein cut) and wave less (cross cut) slabs.



Material Travertine
Code MST-101
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Brown


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