Cloud Pure White Marble

Cloud Pure White Marble

Pure White Marble have light and with background along with white waves that brings about a unique character for such marble. Pure White Marble has been discovered by the legend of Iran’s stone industry Mr. Arbab Ghanbar in Desiran area at Dorud City. Right at the beginning, the best white marbles were extracted from same quarry. With no doubt, the color, design and the unique diagonal waves of Pure White Marble cannot be found in any type of similar stone around the world. Pure White Marble considered as the most luxurious and valuable white crystal marble in Iran Market.

Marjan stone co in relation to develop mining activities, began to own and extract from the largest part of the Pure White Marble quarry which is called western part in 2018. Since there was great demand for Pure White Marble, producing them in high volume was added to MGT’s general annual agenda.

Cream marbles were popular for building project in not so long ago for construction industrials, but going towards modern Architecture and leaving the classic Architecture mind set in recent years caused many new designs to use Neutral colors like white, Black and gray more often. That is why white crystal marbles have more chances and the demand is increasing day by day. Using White crystal marbles is considered the symbol of luxurious for projects using them normally, especially projects that have used Pure White Marble for their projects.

Marjan stone co provides different type of white crystal marble other than his exclusive product, Pure White Marble stored in his stockyard and stone complex.

Pure White Marble Slab

Pure White Marble is a marble with unique white color and is capable of high polishing level process along with regular waves in diagonal shape that shows the beauty in Pure White Marble clearly. Book match and four match design is very common since there is diagonal waves on Pure White Marble normally. Pure White Marble is considered one of the most valuable stone products and the demand for the stone is increasing every day.

Marjan Stone co provides the variety type of Crystal marbles in different designs with highest and valuable quality since he has exclusive quarry to respected customers annually.

Pure White Marble Tile

Pure White Marble is mostly used for modern projects as neutral color in commercial and residential buildings normally. Marjan stone co provides the vast variety of white crystal marbles to our customers. Our policy is to develop Pure White Marble in world’s modern architecture. Marjan Stone co tries to supply other type of white crystal marbles according to different budgets, beside our exclusive quarry, Pure White Marble.

Pure White Marble Blocks

White crystal Marbles are highly demanded around the world and Iran is one of the richest source of this stone in the world. Iran and Italy known as origin of this type of stone products. Providing White crystal Marbles are challenging at the same time too. Marjan stone co is known as one of the important suppliers for White crystal Marbles by developing mining operation annually.

Material Marble
Code MS-M68
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White


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