Cream Marble is always the most consumed marble type used in different kind of construction projects. Cream Marble have great verity and it existed in many countries. Different type of cream marbles in Iran have high quality like other type of stone groups and some of them also are internationally popular like Dehbid marble. Dehbid Marble is known as the best marble type in the same marble category. Cream Marble looks shiny and transparent after production due to high density, bulk density and low water absorption.

The base of cream color in cream marbles are lemonade and if some other elements like carbon, Calicut, Manganese carbonate and others added, it will brings about secondary colors, waves and designs that brings the quality lower.

Cream Marble is used in high volume for flooring and covers all kind of construction projects regularly. Cream Marble is an important product for Marjan Stone Company in local and international market at the same time and provides some type of cream marbles for different taste of our clients.


Ella Cream Marble is the exclusive product from Marjan Stone Company. It has light cream color with unified background color and minimum sorting in different dimension and high volume production. One of the challenges in cream marble is having dark and light color and designs that makes it hard for consumers, on the other hand there is limitation on sizes as well.

There are some limitation in producing large size Cream Marbles normally for some reasons but Marjan stone Company was able to solve all of challenges on his exclusive product and bring about a very beautiful stone product and provide such eye-catching stone to his customers.


Cream Marble Slab is also is highly demanded for construction projects. On the other hand some large projects prefer to have their slabs at the location of the project and cut to size it there as they wish.

The beauty of the stone is multiplied in Cream Marble Slabs like other stones in slab format. That is why Cream Marble Slabs unlike many other cream marbles will be produced in large and standard sizes to be provided into many large projects in large volume.


Cream Marble tile is even more demanded than cream marble slabs, but the challenge is the dark and light color on this marble plus the difficulty in sorting them out. On the other hand even in one set of stone there might be different colors and lines as well but in Ella Cream Marble have less verity in color and lines comparing other Cream Marbles or we can say it has only 2 types of design. This is a future that makes Ella Cream Marble trustable for our customers. Marjan stone Company is able to respond quickly to our customers’ needs by producing Ella Cream Marble in high volume and high quality.

Material Marble
Code MS-M89
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream

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