Cream Travertine is one of the most practical types of Travertine which has been mostly used in Iranian facades and exteriors. Undoubtedly, Iran is one of the best resources of various types of high-quality Cream Travertines. Also, it is important to note that this type of travertine can be quarried from numerous parts and zones of the country!

The Cream Travertine that is quarried from Mahallat, Markazi Province is well-known internationally. Regions like Takab and Dehsheer in Yazd Province are also known as some of the richest places of Cream Travertine quarries.

The use of Cream Travertine started to increase as Roman facade became trendy among different countries as well as Iran, which led to the construction of luxurious and eye-catching exteriors in the cities. Marjan Stone Company is one of the leading executive producers and designers of these facades and exteriors.

Classic Travertine

Various types of Cream Travertines are produced in shapes of cross-cut or vein-cut, which is a leading factor in choosing the cutting methods and types of the veins that are made due to the geological conditions.

Using premium and cross-cut types of Travertines is one of the factors that shows how luxurious a project is, specifically in Iran. Therefore, those types of White and Cream vein-cut Travertines are not very demanded. Many countries around the world like to use vein-cut Travertines in their projects as a symbol of a natural element and beauty, in contrast.

Light Cream Travertine

A leading factor that shows how good the quality of a Travertine is, is the brightness of its color. Using bright-colored and pure Travertine in projects is a symbol of classiness and luxury.

Among various types of Light Cream Travertine, the Cream Travertines from Mahallat including Haji Abad Travertine, Abbas Abas Travertine, Darreh Bokhari Travertine, Abgarm Travertine, and Atash Kouh Travertine are well-known worldwide. As a matter of fact, this type of stone cannot be found even in leading natural stone supplier countries like Turkey and Italy.

Therefore, Iran is the only country that provides the best quality of this stone, just like other types of Travertine known as Silver Travertine.

Ivory Travertine

Ivory Travertine has both light and dark undertones that due to the sedimentation and creation of different layers, beautiful patterns and veins are visible on the surface of the Travertine. This product is divided into two types as cross-cut and vein-cut products based on the veins’ types.Cross-cut Ivory Travertine is the most practical sort of all.

Atash Kouh Travertine

This Travertine is known as the oldest and the most high-quality types of Travertine that is recognized worldwide.

The best quality of Travertine can be found in Atash Kouh Travertine quarry that has experienced a decrease in production during the recent years, unfortunately.

This Travertine is available in shapes of cross-cut and vein-cut to be produced and sold in the market.

Abbas Abad Travertine

Abbas Abad Travertine is one of the finest light-colored Travertines located in Mahallat. One of the most outstanding factors of this Travertine is the bright color of its background and its veins including very thin to thick ones on the surface. This Travertine has the ability to be produced in huge quantities.

Haji Abad Travertine:

This Travertine is widely well-known as a bright-colored and dark-colored type of Travertine. It has the capacity to be used in various parts of a project due to its excellent technical features.

This type of Travertine used to be available in whiter and brighter sorts, but in the recent years, due to the changing conditions of the quarry Haji Abad Travertine is available only in dark beige and chocolate brown. However, it is still one of the most demanded Travertines due to its solid surface and beauty.This type is suitable for cross-cut production.

Darreh Bokhari Travertine

This Travertine is the most demanded and produced type of Travertine among bright-colored and cross-cut Travertines in comparison with other sorts due to the fact that Atash Kouh Travertine can rarely be found, Abbas Abad Travertine has veins mostly, and Haji Abad Travertine is mainly found in dark colors. One of the most important features of Darreh Bokhari travertine if the high range of porosity among other types from Mahallat.

Material Travertine
Code MST-105
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream


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