Persian Silk Marble
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Persian Silk Marble

Persian Silk Marble is one of the luxury marbles with a gray background in both dark and light sorts, which is currently the most widely used and demanded type of gray marble in Iran and the world. One of the features of Persian Silk Stone is the texture and unique design of this marble, which distinguishes it from other marbles. The constant, uniform design and color of Persian Silk marble makes it easy for consumers to feel the ultimate beauty of this marble in different designs after installation.

Silk Emprador Marble

Another name for Persian Silk is Emprador Silk Marble. From the past, the dark sort of this stone had always a great beauty and quality in the group of dark gray marbles. Marjan Stone Company is one of the first manufacturers of Emprador silk marble slabs and tiles, which has offered this product in processed form in domestic and foreign markets.

Bayat Persian Silk Quarry

Bayat Persian Silk marble quarry is located in Fars province and Neyriz city, which is one of the oldest mines in the field of gray and silver marble stones. The appearance features make it completely different from other similar stones in the silver and gray color groups. Bayat Persian Silk Marble quarry can be named as the largest marble quarry in Iran, which has the highest annual production and loading. It can be said that almost all the first-grade products of this quarry are being exported in block format to other countries, especially China.

Persian Silk Slab

The production of Persian Silk marble slabs multiplies the beauty and unique features of this luxury product. Warm gray background with white and gray veins in the background of Persian Silk marble slabs makes it different from other silver and gray marbles. Marjan Stone Company has started to produce and supply large tiles and standard slabs with the highest quality several years ago.

Features of Persian Silk Marble

Other than the unique features of Persian Silk marble in appearance, Persian Silk marble is also considered as one of the best types of marbles in terms of its crystalline material in the group of marbles. In brief, the features of Persian Silk Marble can be described as below:

  • High compressive strength
  • Maximum polishing level of Persian Silk Marble
  • The trend silver and gray colors of this product
  • High Density
  • Proper pricing on this product
  • Low water absorption
  • Extensive use in different parts of a construction project
  • Easy combination with other colors
Material Marble
Code MSM-151
STOCK Available
Style Classic
Color Gray

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