Dark Silver Travertine

Dark Silver Travertine has different range of color. The color range is from light white silver to dark silver close to black color. There is great utilization since the color range is vast in variety of Dark Silver Travertine and it makes it every taste match for neutral colors like silver for many projects.

Dark Silver Travertine is a stone with high resistance ability and less number of holes in them with dark silver background color. There are wavy lines from same silver color of stone background and white color as well. These wave lines are some quite parallel and some are twisty shape that brings about a very unique and beautiful design to the stone.

Dark Silver Travertine Slab

Like many other stones, the beauty and uniqueness of Dark Silver Travertine is more observable in slab format with larger dimension. The existence of none simple wave lines causes the ability of producing book match on this type of stone as well.

Dark Silver Travertine Slab is one of the most demanded special stone product in Iran and many international projects are asking to use it in high volume. Different type of Dark Silver Travertine Slabs are among products of Marjan stone company regularly. We are able to provide the highest quality of this stone in our stone factory, show rooms and the total Marjan stone complex to our respected customers’ around the world. We are also ready to cooperate with reliable export companies for suppling our product as well.

Dark Silver Travertine Tile

Dark Silver Travertine Tile is highly demanded since there is great interest on silver color and to be adoptive to the modern current architecture culture. Dark Silver Travertine Tile have many usage but the main usage would be on façade of building mostly. The reason of high demand for Dark Silver Travertine Tile is the high resistance against hard climates and competitive price comparing to other colors of travertines like the light color of travertine slabs such as white and cream colors. On the other hand, they are also resistance against sun light and therefore they have less color change comparing other colors of travertine. That is why they are more manifested in façade comparing other travertine colors.

Marjan stone Company have great experience in supplying Dark Silver Travertine Tile for inside and international stone market during long years. We are always responsive to our customers’ needs by providing Dark Silver Travertine Tile in high quality and high volume normally.

 Dark Silver Travertine Block

Dark Silver Travertine Block is the usual product of Marjan Stone Company that is suppling our customers during the year. Marjan Stone Co is able to provide Dark Silver Travertine Block by being the owner of a very valuable and rich quarry plus the high volume of this stone available in his stock yard as well.

Material Travertine
Code MS-T25
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Dark Silver

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