Grey Onyx

In modern architecture, grey is very important. In all categories of stone, including travertine, marble, and granite, grey is one of the most widely used colors and is included in the main item of any project. The presence of a special grey color in the most special and most valuable category of stones, namely onyx, creates a very special product, namely grey onyx.

Silver Onyx

Many onyxes have similar backgrounds. For example, in countries rich in quarries such as Iran, onyx with white, green or onyx of orange and honey spectrum can be found, but some colors, such as silver onyx, are an exception and a special and unique event. The presence of neutral color in the valuable Silver onyx product is extremely beautiful and valuable.

Smoky Onyx

Marjan Stone Company, with the development of its quarry activity, has put the development of quarry activity in luxury stones, including onyx, on its agenda in recent years. Therefore, by acquiring one of the most valuable onyx quarries in the world under the name of smoky onyx located in the northwest of Iran in the city of Miandoab, it offered a very unique product to the world market.

Smoky onyx is a very healthy compact onyx, which is one of the few onyx quarries that is 100% onyx and does not contain any travertine impurities. Smoky onyx is a combination of three colors of black, white, and silver, which creates amazing three-dimensional designs. Marjan Stone Company is the only exclusive manufacturer of smoky onyx, offers this amazing product in the form of slabs and blocks.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-100
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Smoky

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