Glory White Marble
White is the pale morning sky, white is both power and love.

White Marble

White Marble is the most valuable and important marble in all marble category. The whiteness, unified background or special pattern is related to the value of stone directly. That is why Glory Marble is considered one of the important white marbles due to whiteness and unique pattern in background.

There are different definition about white color in White Marbles and some marbles are not really white but the Glory White Marble is truly a white Marble with white color. All clients admit that the color is truly white in this marble.

Glory White Marble

Glory White Marble is exclusive product of Marjan Company to supply and respond to the clients who are looking for White Marble in different needs and taste.

White Marble Slab

Since the interest in using of white marble slabs is increasing in many projects, the amount of inquiry for White Marble reached the maximum level currently. White Glory Marble Slab is the most beautiful and valuable kind of White Marble among all. Glory Marble Slab comes in two type as normal and chrome which is the best option for producing white marble Book Match slabs. Marjan production Company is able to supply that in stone market.

The best usage for Glory White Marble Slab would be applying in luxuries projects like Hotels, luxuries shopping malls and lobbies. It is also a proper option for replacing artificial stones and kitchen counters as well.

White Marble Block

Marjan Stone Company is supplying many clients by variety of white marble blocks, since having several white marble quarries on his own, except Glory White Marble that faces some limitation due to specialty and high value.

Marjan Stone Company supplies Bianco Coral and semi white Marble as White Marble production in local and international market in export level at the same time. These white marbles are exclusively from our own quarry.

White Marble Tiles

Cream marble tiles were the most demand before but today white marbles are most wanted according to the new Architecture since and modern taste. That is why customers with different budget prefer to use the White Marble Tiles as first and best option in most projects. They will only look for other marbles if they are not able to afford them.  Marjan Stone Company tries to cover all requirements on white marble tiles and provide variety of tiles that responds to different budgets for the best possible white marble Tiles.

White Marble Flooring

As we mentioned before, there is high volume demand for White marbles like Glory White Marble and other marbles on flooring either on tile format or slab. Marjan Stone Company is providing with different types of white marbles in addition of Glory White Marble and other white marbles like Persian Carrara regularly.


Material Marble
Code MS-M55
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White

White is the pale morning sky, white is both power and love.

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