As a decorative material in construction industry, Gohare limestone is one of the oldest types of limestone group. Gohare Limestone is hugely popular in market and especially in global trades, most importantly in EU, United States and Australia. Quarries of this precious light cream stone exist in Khoram Abad city of Lorestan province.

Limestone Tile

One of the largest exports of Iran is limestone tile.  Stability and uniformity of the color together with the high quality of limestone tile makes its strength demand lower than similar types. Therefore, it is not surprising that thicknesses lower than 2 cm are very common for limestone tiles. All above factors coupled with affordable prices make limestone tiles tremendously popular on the world.

Gohare Limestone Slab

Similar to tiles, there are high demands for Gohareh limestone slabs especially on international markets.  Structurally, Gohare limestone is different from other limestone types. In fact, similar to different types of marble stones, Gohare limestone slabs are of high hardness and compressive strength of the surface and this feature determines the extent to which this stone can be polished.

Having several sawing machines enables MGT Stone group to manufacture high quantity of Gohare limestone slabs in high quality but on low prices.  This unique and famous stone of Iran that is mainly subject to extremely large projects particularly in East Asia, is supplied by MGT Stone Company.

Gohare Marble

From geological view, Gohare Marble has longer life than other limestone types and this is the reason for its high hardness and compressive strength to an extent that makes it of higher specific weight in comparison with other limestone types. These features make Gohare Marble to be easily polished. Therefore, many consider Gohare as a marble stone and call it Gohare marble.

Grey Limestone

Some of Gohare stones are of light and grey color. The neutral appearance of light grey together with its unique chemical and physical features made Grey Limestone to be the best option for limestone demands of grey color.

Grey Limestone Slab

In many unique projects “Limestone” is perceived to be “Grey Limestone” and Grey Limestone Slab is very common to be employed in such constructions. High water absorption in grey limestone limits their application only to indoor spaces.

Beige Limestone

Cultural factors and also aesthetic descriptions made people especially architects to name Gohare limestone as Beige Limestone. Considering Gohare Limestone as Beige Limestone, we can say that Beige Limestone is the best and most popular limestone around the globe.

Material Limestone
Code MSL-100
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Style Modern
Color Beige

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