Green marble is one of the color groups in the natural stone industry that does not have much abundance. Geologically, the formation of green pigments is very rare. Even in a country like Iran, which has all the color spectrum in all groups of natural stones used in construction industry, including Marble, Onyx, Travertine and Granite, green is a rare color in marble stones category. This is also true for a variety of Granite category. In the Travertine stone group, green color is not even rarely present. The only stone group that the green color can be found in abundance due to its structural constitution is Onyx group.

However, we allocate a particular importance to Green Marble among the wide range of Marble colors offered in MGT Stone Company portfolio. By presenting Seattle or Birjand Green Marble, Marjan Stone Company has provided a very luxurious and special product to those customers who Are looking to use green marble in their projects.

Seattle Green Marble

Seattle Green Marble is a stone with a brilliant forest green color that creates dark green, light green and brown veins along with large scales of background color, which generates an adorable texture and design that also makes this stone different from other types of Green Marbles.

Birjand Green Marble

The quarry of Seattle green marble is located in South Khorasan province, Birjand city, therefore it is also referred to as Birjand marble. In other words, another name for Seattle Marble is Birjand Green Marble.

Dragon Green Marble

Due to having special design and texture, the surface of Seattle Green Marble is like leather, so it is referred to as Dragon Green Marble also. Moreover, through the color and pattern, the products of this unique stone are highly demanded by clients.

Different Types of Seattle Green Marble

Seattle Green Marble is available in both dark and light sorts, each of which has special clients due to its beauty and design. The special design of this Marble generates a three – dimensional pattern. This Marble creates a three-dimensional state within its designs due to its design. Marjan Stone Company with the specialized production of Seattle Green Marble offers the highest level of production quality.

Material Marble
Code MSM-123
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Green


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