Grey Travertine

Grey Travertine is one of the most useful types of Travertine. Neutral colors matter in Modern Architecture today. Grey is the most important color in this category and its reflection in Grey Travertine has made a trendy look.

Iran is the richest country of high quality Travertine Stones that some colors of Travertine can be found in this country only. Grey Travertine stays in a top place among all other colors being unique in quality in contrast with stones from other countries.

Grey Travertine Stone

Marjan Stone Company is one of the first stone complexes which could realize the emerging importance of Grey Travertine Stone in future customer demands. Therefore, a strategic plan was developed decades ago for suppling different sorts of high quality Grey Travertine Stone. As one of the most precious types of Grey Travertine Stone, Marjan Grey Travertine is now ready to supplies in shapes of block, slab and tile.

Grey Travertine Slab

Since it is supplied in different patterns and several colors, high quality Grey Travertine Slab is widely used and largely applied in building projects. This stone is mainly demanded in international market rather than Iran local market. Having the experience of completing many great project, Marjan Stone Company is now ready to supply any large quantity of Grey Travertine Slab.

Grey Travertine Block

Different types of Grey Travertine Block are always one of the most demanded products in stone market. However, buying a high quality Grey Travertine Block is always like a competition to be won. With a look to this hard procedure, Marjan Stone Company facilitated fast and permanent supplement of Grey Travertine Block with opening of Marjan Silver Travertine Quarry in Miandoab region.

Gray Travertine

Gray Travertine is a durable stone which is known as a material with logical rate of porosity. This feature allows the producer to have several options as surface finish. As an experienced manufacturer, Marjan Stone Company is ready to supply high quality Gray Travertine Products with different surface finishes including glossy polish just like Marbles. Honed Gray Travertine is also very desirable for those who are interested in a matt look. Leathered surface finish is also available in two different types of shiny and matt.

Material Travertine
Code MST-108
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Silver

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