Harsin Marble is a stone with a very light gray and beige background and considered one of the most desirable marbles in Iran. That is why it has been one of the most used stone products with great usage in building projects.

Light Beige Marble

Light gray and beige marbles are considered one of the most used marbles among other marble stones. Using them is not only related to a specific time or design and had always an important position in this industrial. It is considered a reliable stone product since beige marble have a unified background color without color play and verity in background.

The Origin of Harsin Marble

Harsin Marble considered to be the transformed stone with sedimentary source.  The main structure of this stone contains from minerals like calcite and Aragonite.  Harsin Marble became light beige or gray by being under effect of transformation in geology instruction for a very long period of time.

Types of Harsin Marble

Types of Harsin Marble depends to location of the area and the quarry’s specification at the same time that is divided to Light and Dark Harsin Marble. Aragonite crystal veins under the title called deer branch or gray lines are also considered in grading the Harsin Marble. In other sense, the best grade in Harsin marble would be light beige or gray background with minimum amount of crystal lines in the stone.

Harsin Marble Quarry

The valuable stone quarry of Harsin is located in Harsin City, Kermanshah province at west side of Iran. Harsin Mountain is the location of this quarry. Such wide mountain causes several marble quarries. But there are only few quarries are able to provide a high quality and light products according customers’ requirements.

Marjan Stone co started to produce Harsin Marble in mass production since his first factory established and is located close to Harsin quarry in Sanandaj City.

Harsin Marble Pricing

Harsin Marble is considered to be a commercial and proper stone pricewise. It is the first choice for the customers who are looking to order marbles with high quantity or customers with limited budgets normally.

Other specifications like Quality of production, thickness, the lightness or darkness, crystal veins and size are playing important role in pricing.

Usage of Harsin Marble

Harsin Marble have great usage in all type of building projects because of commercial price, high quality, lightness and high polishing level. It is a healthy stone, as it has been used in some outdoor environment, although using marbles is not recommended for outdoor environment normally.  We can point out usage of Harsin marble as below:

–       Paving and indoor flooring.

–       Outdoor walls

–       Stairs

–       Extensive usage for walls, Parking walls and Stair walls.

Harsin Marble Futures

–       Light and unified color.

–        Low number of sorts.

–       Proper and commercial price.

–       Capability to be supplied in high volume

–       Proper for projects with limited budget.

–       Health and high polishing level.

Material Marble
Code MSM-103
STOCK Available
Style Classic
Color Beige

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