Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx is one of the most beautiful and unique Iranian Onyx in Marjan Stone co. It has cream or caramel color and similar to beige color close to honey color in dark and light color. Honey Onyx is completely with onyx texture and there is no travertine in it so that causes the light pass thorough the stone perfectly.

Honey Onyx have unique usage and decorative qualities like other onyxes. For example they can be used for Counter tops and walls for luxury projects.

Caramel Onyx

Caramel Onyx is another name for Honey Onyx and this name explains the attractive nature and warm quality of this beautiful and valuable stone. Onyxes with light beige color are the ones best matching to Caramel Onyx normally. Marjan stone co provides different type of Caramel Onyxes and supplies our respected customers globally.

Honey Onyx Tile

Honey Onyx Tiles are provided in large size and especially in rectangle format in order to keep the valuable aspect of such stone. You can observe the great beauty of this especial product in marjan stone co. Our suggestion is to use them for indoor environment and not for outdoor part of a building. Using onyx stone products for outdoor environment causes great damage to them and brings the polishing quality down eventually.

Honey Onyx Slab

Honey Onyx Slabs in large sizes are more able to show the uniqueness of such valuable stone truly. Circular twisty waves and design is like many suns in this precious onyx stone which is the only unique quality in this stone provided by Marjan Stone Co. because of such especial design and quality, producing book match out of them makes it even more reasonable. Using honey onyx slabs on walls and floors is common in luxury projects normally.


Material Onyx
Code MSO-112
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Honey

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