Traonyx stone is a significant combination of Travetine and Onyx which contains formulas such as calcite, iron carbonate and other mineral substances that are influential factors to determine the color of Traonyx stone. These minerals plays eminent function to determine Traonyx stone color.

The Traonyx stones have common characteristics of different types of travertine, onyx and marble which makes this stone extraordinary/ incredible.

Having common characteristics of Travertine, Onyx and marble, has made Traonyx as an extraordinary product.

Iran is high rated as one of the leading companies in the field of Traonyx quarries in the world.Depending on the color, there are different types of Traonyx in Iran.

Karmania Traonyx

Karmania Traonyx is one of the most common kinds of Traonyx and it is one of the Products which is manufactured in MGT Stone Company permanently.Karmania Traonyx includes light and dark sorts which both have the potential to transmit the light.Karmania Traonyx is presented as vein cut and cross cut types.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-114
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Brown

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