Jade is kind of Green Gem Stones. We used this name for one of our green onyx products which is really eye catching and it is mostly used in holy shrine places because of its holy color. The name of this onyx is Light Jade Green Onyx that we are working to introduce it to the world.

Light Jade Green Onyx Slab

For Exporting Light Jade Green Onyx Slabs, We have a very beautiful Jade Green Onyx Slabs in Marjan Stone showroom with best packing and pallets. Many Customers like to see the slabs and inspect them before loading. Therefore, we provided large quantity of light Jade Green onyx slabs in our showroom for your reference.

Light Jade Green Onyx Block

Marjan Stone Company can also supply very nice and well-shaped blocks of Light Jade Green Onyx to our customers for different purpose of their projects. Unshaped blocks are also available for art works and handicrafts.

Light Jade Green Onyx Tile

Light Jade Green Onyx Tiles also have very nice harmony and make your places very Calm with sense of peace. You won’t find variation in colors of Tiles and that is why this color is very suitable for using in large areas of flooring and walls.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-115
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Green

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