Maran White Travertine
As white as Persian Cat

White Travertine

Maran White Travertine is one of the first quarries of Marjan Stone Company that was discovered and started operating in 2004.

White travertine has always an important and special place in Iranian market and using this stone as facade of buildings and for exterior use, has been an old and eternal culture and now it has become a routine.

Among travertine products, white travertine has a special value, which is common in all luxury projects of Iran. Therefore, Maran White Travertine as a white travertine is known for twenty years in market especially in internal market.

Maran White Travertine is white, compact, without veins, high degree publishable and resistant to a variety of weather conditions. Compression and lack of porosity and fillings of Maran White Stone as White Travertine like Atashkooh White Travertine, make it very popular in flooring of buildings.

White Travertine Tile

Due to the expensive price of white travertine, There is no desire for buyers to use white travertine tiles.

On the other hand, Manufacturers are also reluctant to turn this precious stone into a tile because of the expensive price, very hard production process and different sorts of the white travertine stone.

Marjan stone company by owning this quarry and Due to its long experience in the production of Maran White Travertine, is able to respond to all types of white travertine tiles inquiries by Maran White Travertine.

White Travertine Slab

Due to the expensive price of white travertine stone, the most use of it in exterior market is slab and in interior market is free length tiles, which is highly used in facade of building in Iran. Hence, marjan stone company is able to supply any inquiries with your desired sizes and big quantities with uniformity and without any tolerance for our esteemed customers.

Material Travertine
Code MS-M83
STOCK Available
Style Classic
Color White

As white as Persian Cat

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