Marjan Cream Marble has a light cream background that colored theme on the backgrounds creates texture of this marble. Cream Marbles are normally single color and unified in background, but some kind of cream marbles like Marjan Cream Marble, by having patterns in halo shapes same as background color brings about a very warm and attractive look in the stone.

Many Marjan Stone customers are looking for such cream marbles. That is why Marjan stone co is responsive by producing Marjan Cream Marble to customers who are looking for a beautiful and well pattern marble stone. Marjan Cream Marble is one of the oldest marbles in stone market which is highly used for interior designs because of unique and warm color of this marble stone.Polishing level and shininess is very high in Marjan Cream Marble, that is why have been used in interior designs many times already. Marjan Cream Marble comes in 2 colors as Marjan Cream Marble and Marjan Olive Green Marble. But Marjan Cream Marble has much acceptability in the market.

Marjan Cream Marble slab

All types of Marjan Cream Marble tiles and slabs are produced and provided by Marjan Stone Co. Tiles and slabs are produced in large and standard sizes since the blocks extracted from quarry is totally large and intact. Pricing is also much proper for Marjan Cream Marble comparing to other cream marbles as well. In other sense, since Marjan Cream Marble have proper pricing, it would be proper for projects that needs to use a beautiful cream marble in high quantity and least cost.

Marjan Cream Marble futures

1. Varity of color in cream marble.

2. Applicable for interior designs and low traffic spaces.

3. Reasonable and proper pricing in Marjan Cream Marble.

4. Capability of suppling in high quantity and large sizes.

5. Difference in background and patterns comparing other cream marbles.

6. High polishing level and shininess.

Material Marble
Code MSM-113
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream


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