Golden Marble

Golden color has great importance in design and construction industry. Golden color is decorated in many luxury projects with modern and classic designs. Golden color can be used by architect in any part of a building project as a main or supplementary color with special function. That is why there is also great importance for golden color in stone industries. Golden marble have been considered a great product for customers with intention of interior design.

The verity of Golden marble is very limited and it is considered as a unique and rare marble. MGT Stone co providing Marshal Marble as a golden marble in order to complete our marble’s color range and respond to our customers’ needs all around the world.

Marshal Marble

Marshal Marble considered as one of the most beautiful Iranian marbles. The design and texture in this marble stone is very unique and eye catching among other marbles. Marshal Marble is a stone with dark black background that is decorates with shiny, colorful golden color lines and it is distributed in mass density very orderly. These golden lines brought about a 3D design to this marble. Other future on this stone is being highly healthy that causes high polishing level for Marshal Mable.

Marshal Marble considered a very luxury stone product. Marshal Marble is usable in all part of any luxury projects because of its special design and attractive color.  Marshal Marbles have been used in many luxury projects in different parts like flooring, counter tops, Kitchen rooms and even bathrooms with high consumption.

Material Marble
Code MSM-148
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black


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