Beige Marble

The color “Beige” in stone industry is used to describe the color dark cream and dark ivory.

These colors include a wide spectrum from the lightest to the darkest like brown and tan. Therefore, Beige Marble stands in the middle of this spectrum.

In all stone classifications, the color Beige is known as a quite fundamental and practical color. Henceforth, Beige Marble is a perfect choice for most projects with huge area as a result of reasonable prices.

Marjan Stone Company is able to provide all their customers with a wide range and spectrum of this outstanding natural stone inside and outside of the borders.

Paradise Marble

Paradise Marble is a type of marble with a cream and light beige background that its most considerable features are its appealing single color surface, solid texture, and low color variation.

The convenience in its high supply capability and perfectly reasonable prices has led to a great opportunity for those customers who are looking for a gorgeous stone with solidarity and affordable price.

Marjan Stone Company has had Paradise Marble in their production line since the beginning and has finished numerous projects using this natural stone.

Beige Marble slab

The definition of the word “Beige” with its French roots, is known as “natural wool”, which was initially used in French literature in 1860 and was officially known as a certain color decades later.

Nowadays, it is used in various cultures with different meanings using a noticeable spectrum of colors from the lightest to the darkest tones as white to brown. In Marjan Stone Company the color Cream is used for a tone between dark and light for Beige Marble. Thus, Paradise Marble is most similar to that to some extends.

Beige Marble slabs are the most desirable in Marjan Stone Company thereby they have always been a permanent product to choose to export.

Basically, Beige Marble slabs and the color beige itself is capable to be composed and matched with various colors of the same undertone like different tones of gray, silver, white, black, etc.

Beige Marble tile

Beige Marble tiles especially Paradise Marble has always been well known among our customers to be used as the main material for flooring in various construction projects.

Using neutral colors in projects may become visually monotonous in the long run. Taking that into consideration, using Beige Marble with warmer undertones has always had its unique fans!

Beige Marble tiles are produced and sold in foreign and local market with huge sizes in shapes of square and rectangle tiles with the highest internationally-known quality by Marjan Stone Company.

Beige Marble utilization

Considering the aforementioned features, Beige Marble is one of the most practical natural stones and due to its high quality and reasonable price, it has become one of the main materials used in a project.

Most types of stones are not capable of being supplied in huge quantities and solid sorts. This challenge is quite serious in white sorts of the stones. As a consequence, most of the big projects do not trust to use these challenging types. Therefore, Beige Marble is most suitable for those projects and employers.

Beige Marble is widely used for flooring and walls in both modern and classical projects.

The merits of using Beige Marble

There are plenty of advantages in using Beige Marble in various projects and a handful of them are as written below:

–      Reasonable prices.

–      Solidarity and variety of types.

–      Glossiness and polished looks.

–      Capability of huge quantity production.

–      Capability of being used in both modern and classical projects.

–      Convenience in composition with other colors.

–      Capable of being used in numerous parts of a project.

–      Various types available in Marjan Stone Company.


Material Marble
Code MSM-117
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Beige


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