Persian Green Marble

Persian Green Marble

Persian Green Marble is like lettuce color with shaded white lines sprawling across the stone. It is originally from Iran. Persian Green Marble which is known as verde Persia green marble in Chinese market is very popular in China and also all over the world. It is a very appreciated choice in trendy modern indoor environments. Polished is the most common finish for this material. Persian Green Marble quarry is located in Anarak in Isfahan province.

Green Marble Stone

Green marble stone is versatile and has a wide number of uses. Since it is a durable, long-lasting material, it is popular for flooring, counters, and even walls. This marble has an impressive artistic quality to it, so it looks good and eye-catching as a kitchen countertop, island, or even dining table. when you need a dark-colored marble, green is an excellent choice of color.

It is typically greenish in color. It is one of the rarest forms of marble in the world. Deposits date back some 600 million years!

China Ming Green Marble

Ming Green is an apple green marble with shaded green lines sprawling across small white circles. Quarry is in China.

What goes with green marble?

Persian Green marble typically has white veins and looks appealing with white or off-white accent colors. Look for a brown, tan, white or beige vein in the marble and choose a color that matches the vein.

Persian Green Marble Slab

Persian Green Marble slabs are as compact, strong and mature marble as Indian green Marble. Its hardness is greater in comparison to other green stones found elsewhere. It is beautiful and durable and also easy to use in any space.

Material Marble
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