Persian Latte Marble

Latte Marble

Latte is a marble with unified light cream color. One of the unique features of Latte Marble would be the high polishing level, density and being well shiny that has been highly liked recently. It is considered as a trendy and a brand stone product in the market.

Latte Marble would be responsive to be supplied in high volume since there is several quarries with high volume production on such beautiful stone product. It is not limited in supply like many other stone products. Such high volume production brings about vast color range from beige to light cream in Latte marble.

Marjan stone is able to provide his exclusive stone product as Latte Marble with best quality and high grade to customers who are looking for a durable, unified and proper pricing on marble, by using the best quarries existed in the area.

Persian Latte

Persian Latte marble from Marjan stone is on the one hand very similar to Turkish latte and on the other hand is similar to Royal botticino marble at the same time. High density, health, supply capability, production and providing in high volume caused a great position for the Persian  latte marble in market.

Persian latte Marble is a light cream color marble and the super grade of this stone is so similar to Turkish latte marble. Persian latte’s cream color is so warm and attractive. It is interesting for many users of this marble stone. Having unified color and not being so various would be positive future in Persian latte Marble for those customers who are looking for light and beautiful color on marble stones in high volume or mass production plus proper pricing without being worried about high volume supply.

Usage of Persian Latte Marble

Persian latte marble is vastly used for interior flooring in all kind of commercial and residential building projects in tile and slab formats. There is great usage for interior walls in different kind of projects as well, since the color in Persian latte marble is unified and similar. Persian latte is also used for stair because of high density and having healthy texture.

Light Cream Marble

Using light cream marble is always one of the greatest options for any users. Light cream marble is capable to be used in flooring for the verity of building projects. Light cream marbles lost their popularity in modern projects since using white and crystal marbles have become much common in last recent years according to latest styles. But even though, Persian latte is used in many modern projects because of having light cream color and modern patterns that is different from other cream marbles.

Material Marble
Code MSM-138
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream


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