Black Marble

Different type of marbles are the most usable stones in construction industrial and having wide variety as well, but one of the popular marbles would be black marble with many futures in using them in interior design in many type of projects. The black color on this marble depend on purity of carbon existed in the stone. Black Marble adds a very unique and beautiful look to the interior design and it is used and different part of buildings like lobbies, rest room, bath room and flooring as well. The combination of Black Marble with variety of other stones and white marbles is common normally.

Black Marble Stone

Black marble Stone has great importance and usage in interior design but there are few important points about them as below:

1. It is better not to use the black marble outdoor since the polishing level will be vanished due to weathering.
2. Large and spaces with white lightning are the ideal places to use black marble Stones, otherwise it causes a space looks limited space.
3. It is recommended to be combined with light marbles like white or cream marbles for limited or smaller rooms
4. The best places to use Black Marble Stone would be, floors, walls, stairs, the edge of elevators, between cabinets and bathrooms.


Nero Marquina has dark black background with some narrow and thick irregular white lines that brings about beautiful identity on this black marble. Nero Marquina is one of the oldest quarries in Iran that provides a trustable products for large projects by producing and extracting regularly. The lack of Porosity, low water absorption and high density on this luxury black marble caused high polishing level. Despite the great beauty and value, the proper price comparing to similar foreign product is another future.

Black Marble Slab

Black marble slab has the most usage among all other slabs that is why there is great variety on them as well. We consider great importance for different type of black marble slabs in MGT Company. Different type of black marbles like, Pietra Gray, Nero Marquina, Golden Black, Royal black and Absolute Black are as such.

Considering the great depo available in our warehouse, Marjan Stone Company is able to be responsive to all inquiries by our customer in shortest time. Black Marble Slab is responsive to all type of taste and it is used for both modern and classic designs. Another important point is that since all black marble slabs having high transparency, processing would be very special matter which is an institutional matter in MGT Company.

Black Marble Tile

Different types of Black Marble Tiles have special position in interior designing. Using them in rest room, bathroom, parking walls, stairs, space between cabinets, countertops and flooring is as such. According to new Architecture method, using Black Marble Tiles in bathrooms is very common and modern as well. Using small tiles like 30*30 and 60*30 along with proper lighting will brings about a Multidimensional space that is important in modern Architecture matter.

Material Marble
Code MS-M09
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black

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