Can't you find a good stone for the dark design? Simply, let it be Pietra Grey!

Pietra Grey Marble

As a unique eye-catching Iranian Marble Stone, Pietra grey Marble has a grayish black background. Thick and thin white lines on the black greyish background have given a gentle look to this stone. Pietra Grey Marble is one of the oldest Iran Building Stones. Its quarry was found about 50 years ago in Isfahan Province in Lashator district. Its worldwide famous name has an Italian rout which is inspired from Italy Pietra Stone. Pietra Grey Marble has very special features that its color is the best one among all other characteristics. It can be claimed that dark grey color in Iran Pietra Grey Marble can’t be found in any other place and quarry in the world. With a high bulk density, this stone is very suitable for polishing.

Having white lines on grey background which shine like diamonds, Pietra Grey Marble is greatly applied in building industry and places like restrooms, floors, stairs and walls.

Pietra Grey Stone

As some other Iran Natural Stones, Pietra Grey Stone has a worldwide reputation. Being highly applied in different projects, Pietra Grey Stone is a very favorite popular item in all Europe especially in western European countries which themselves are pioneers in high quality stone production industry. Some types of stones are demanded in a specific period of time but Pietra Grey Stone and its popularity goes beyond place and time. This stone had been desirable for decades and it is always demanded more and more during the time. In addition, Pietra Grey Stone is used in both modern and classic projects.

Pietra Grey Marble Slab

The beauty of the stone is more visible in Pietra Grey Marble Slab. Hence, this stone slabs are the most used shapes. Pietra Grey Marble Slab should be provided from block cross cut. Best types of Pietra Grey Marble Slab is the one with dark background and diagonal white veins which has no chain or big flower spot. This type is very proper for producing book match slabs. Pietra Grey Marble physical features enable us to provide standard big size slabs with 2 meter width and 3 meter length. Marjan Stone Company produces this precious stone in its both factories regularly. As one the most reliable suppliers, we offer a variety of Pietra Grey Marble Slab to our esteemed clients in Marjan Stone Company.

Pietra Grey Marble Tile

Beside the great popularity in international market, Pietra Grey Marble Tile is highly demanded in Iran local market as well. The number of Pietra Grey Marble Tile application especially the size of 60*30 for restrooms is growing day by day. The situation is the same for big square size tiles. So it is necessary to mention that Pietra Grey Marble Tile now has a fixed position in luxury projects and this position is not changeable with any type of ceramic tile. Because of its beauty and strength, Pietra Grey Marble Tile for building floors is also demanded. Countertops and kitchens are other places that Pietra Grey Marble is applied repeatedly. Marjan Stone Company is able to produce and supply different types of Pietra Grey Marble Tile in huge quantities.

Pietra Grey

“Pietra” as a word has an Italian rout which is used in many stone names. Being a desirable demanded item, Iranian Pietra Grey is the first item which is recalled when you hear the name of Pietra Grey in stone industry. Today, the name of Pietra Grey is remembered as a product with unique features which no other stone can reach its popularity.

Material Marble
Code MS-M31
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Gray

Can't you find a good stone for the dark design? Simply, let it be Pietra Grey!

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