Pink Onyx is one of the most precious, beautiful and unique onyx stones in the world. The origin of these kind of onyxes is countries like Iran and Afghanistan. Iran’s Pink Onyx is very unique with unified clear pink color on the background. Pink Onyx is extracted from quarry in two dark and light pink colors and the light pink color is closer to pantone color in pink onyx. On the other hand, pink Onyx is divided in two categories, one is pure pink background and the other one is along with some diagonal black wave lines that makes this stone a very eye-catching material.

The pink color in pink onyx comes from the mineral elements in the stone, mostly the dehydrated Iron. The polishing level of Pink Onyx is very high and properly adoptable to polishing process. The color passage is completely possible throughout the Pink Onyx.

Pink Onyx Tile

Pink Onyx stone is used in different sizes and dimension for unique designs for luxuries projects. Pink onyx also have unique position in interior designing for high budget projects with luxury approach. They can be used for flooring in luxury hotel lobbies, Lobby walls, Saloons, Rest rooms and religious projects with luxury point of view.

Pink Onyx Slab

The amazing beauty of Pink Onyx is mostly observable on the slabs like many other stones. The combination of whitish color with main pink color in larger slabs along with pink and white halos brings about amazing designs on the stone. It is possible to produce book match and four match by using pink onyxes with narrow black waves as well. We are pleased to announce that Marjan Stone Co is able to provide all Pink Onyxes to our respected clients’ around the world annually.

Pink Onyx Block

Since there are security issues in Afghanistan, Iran is the only official supplier of Pink Onyx blocks in the international stone market. Large Pink Onyx blocks and small blocks for handicraft arts are continuously available by Marjan stone Co for export purposes to many countries around the globe. Customers who need Pink Onyx are welcome to ask for it and receive the high quality in our products and services.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-117
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Pink

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