Rainbow Onyx

Similar to its name, Rainbow Onyx is made of a wide range of beautiful colors. The key feature in all Onyx Stones is translucency in which the light can pass through the stone structure. This light will make eye-catching sparkles on the other side of the stone surface. Blue, orange, red, green, turquoise, white and beige are different colors which are seen in Rainbow Onyx.

Rainbow Onyx Block

Rainbow Onyx Quarry is located in Khorasan Province, Iran. Indians, Chinese and Italians are the most interested clients for Rainbow Onyx Block. MGT Stone Co announces its capability to supply single or huge tonnage of Rainbow Onyx Block.

Rainbow Onyx Slab

Having elegant natural lines and patterns, book match and four match Rainbow Onyx Slab is a very proper option for luxury building construction projects. Floors, walls, lobbies, restrooms, conference rooms, etc. all can be designed with Rainbow Onyx Slab.

Rainbow Onyx Tile

As well as its slab, Rainbow Onyx Tile can be performed as four match. So a boosted natural beauty can be seen in the final design. If you are an architect who is interested in combination of onyx and back light, we suggest you to review photos and features of Rainbow Onyx once more. This onyx stone will reflect the infinite nature energy in your design. Rainbow Onyx Tile is a good item for both classic and modern environments.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-120
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Multi-Color

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