Red Travertine

Red Travertine

Definitely, Iran is the richest country among all others which has several high grade Travertine Stones in different colors. These several types of colorful Travertine Stones are mainly located in Eastern Azerbaijan Province. Iran Red Travertine is one of the most famous colorful Travertine Stones. There are several rich quarries of this stone is the city of Azarshahr.

There is no similar Red Travertine Quarry in the world with high grade physical and chemical characteristics and this is the reason of worldwide Iran Red Travertine Fame.

Red Travertine Stone

Red Travertine Stone is produced as vein cut or cross cut. Sometimes, veins of red color create a unique uniform pattern in Red Travertine Stone completely red background. Therefore, it should be mentioned that Red Travertine Stone has some types of the most beautiful uniform vein cut pieces. Red Travertine Stone has a high bulk density resulted in its great polishing features. Different types of Azarshahr Red Travertine Stone are used in both indoors and outdoors of buildings projects. Applying colorful stones is not a trend in architecture today. However, Iran Red Travertine Stone is an exception. This stone is highly used in different sizes and has its top place in the global market.

Red Travertine Slab

Red Travertine Slab is produced and supplied by Marjan Stone Company in two main types of vein cut and cross cut. The quality of a Red Travertine Slab is specified with unified parallel veins, big standard dimensions of the slab, polishing process, high grade fillings and epoxy, and absence of white or black spots.

Red Travertine Tile

Red Travertine Tile is the most popular type of stone among all other Red Travertine products which is highly demanded as well. Several rectangular types of tiles like the size of 60*30 is highly applied in outdoors. The reason of high application rate of Red Travertine Tile is its strength in weathering as well as its resistance in outdoor environment. Therefore, honed, raw and leathered surface Red Travertine Tiles are requested regularly.

Material Travertine
Code MS-T22
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Red

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