Royal Black Marble
Stars are shining in our Royal Black life sky

Royal Black Marble

Royal Black Marble has a very dark black background with irregular veins in shapes of white spots which are appeared on its surface and have made this stone pattern as a unique item.

Some types of stones and patterns are special and important in modern Architecture Science as well as colors like white, silver, and gray. Different types of black color have the same top place in Aesthetics Categories which their large application in architecture is undeniable. Here in Marjan Stone Company, supplement of most demanded products in market has made the greatest parts of our strategies.

Therefore, according company’s mineral development policies, Royal Black Marble Quarry was set up. Royal Black Marble Quarry is located in Khomein, Central Province, Iran. This good geographical status helped the stone to find its market place in a short time.

Black White Marble

Combination of different colors with black background has made several verities of black stones. Golden color is one of these complement colors. Several types of Golden Black Marbles are a result of these two colors combination. Another attractive type is the combination of white and black which is highly desirable for clients from all over the world. White black is inseparable element of modern designs and that is the reason we see a lot of White Black Marbles with different patterns in Italy.

We can claim that Royal Black Marble is one of the best available black white marbles in the world. Marjan Stone Company with massive production and competitive prices of this stone, has the aim to develop the use of Black White Marble in the market more than any time before.

Black and White Marble

Black and White Marble can be sorted according the density of white color in black background or even the density of black color in white background. But black and white marble is mainly considered as a stone with a black background and the white color as the second color.

Special type of black and white marble combination in Marjan Stone Royal Black Marble can provide a very shiny surface after polishing. It is necessary to mention it once more that Royal Black Marble is a very unique product with unique polishing features.

Black and White Marble Slab

Definitely, Royal Black Marble is the first and best offer for those who are looking for black and white marble slab. Due to its healthy structure, proper cubic fine blocks are extracted from Royal Black Marble Quarry. These fine blocks are ready to give standard big size black and white marble slab. Absolutely, Royal Black Marble beauty is much more eye-catching in big full size slabs. Here in Marjan Stone, we have facilitated everything to produce and supply large quantities of black and white marble slab.

Black and White Marble Tile

Beside the importance of slabs in stone industry, black and white marble tile is largely applied in different building projects as well. Most of the times, Black and white marble tile is used as the main item in different projects rather than a complement one. Floors, great walls and rest rooms are some of places that these tiles are applied. Despite the black background with bold white parts, this is the attractive feature of black and white marble tile of Royal Black Marble that it can make the environment to look deeper and bigger.

Material Marble
Code MS-M91
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Black

Stars are shining in our Royal Black life sky

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