Royal Botticino Marble is considered as one the most famous and outstanding Iranian marbles. Royal Botticino Marble has long been well known around the world. This worldwide reputation is due to several reasons. The cream and transparent color of Royal Botticino Marble is one of its exclusive features. On the other hand, Royal Botticino Marble has peculiar and delicate patterns such as silk flower and cotton flower figure which are regarded as the best sorts of this luxurious Marble.

The premium quality and high resistance are the other prominent features of this stone. Royal Botticino Marble with its high density has matchless strength and endurance which makes this stone to be scraped and consequently the potential of this stone to be polished has made its design and color to be more conspicuous.

Royal Botticino Marble Slab

Some countries such as Turkey have the most diverse cream marbles which are sometimes difficult to compete with.

Among this amount of assorted cream marbles, Royal Botticino has a unique position that differentiates it with other sorts not only in Iran but also all over the world.

The main challenge related to Royal Botticino Marble is the high quantity of exportation in full size and the high quality of Royal Botticino Marble blocks. So that the large blocks which are apt to produce the standard size slabs are purchased by foreign clients especially the Chinese. So, supplying Royal Botticino Marble full size slabs is mostly not possible. The best alternative option to respond to this cream marble slab inquiries is to order similar stones such as Shayan Cream Marble. But considering the active background of MGT Stone Company in Dehbid region, we are able to supply our valued clients’ various demand about this luxurious cream marble.

Royal Botticino Marble Tile

Royal Botticino Marble tile is undoubtedly considered as one the precious stones in the building industry. The production of the large size of Royal Botticino Marble makes it more valuable and beautiful. Containing various sorts is one of the other features of Royal Botticino Marble which presents customers with a wide range of price. So that our dear customers with any budget levels are able to afford one of the sorts of this Marble with the particular size. But it should be mentioned that the premium sort of this marble is one the main choices used in luxurious building projects.

Having a long background in supplying and exportation of Royal Botticino Marble, MGT Stone Company is ready to supply this precious stone in all dimensions and quantities.

The usage of Royal Botticino Marble

Regarding the cream and transparent color of Royal Botticino Marble, this stone is widely used as flooring of residential buildings. Due to high strength and unparalleled quality, this stone is mostly used in high traffic places such as offices and commercial building or lobby floors of various buildings. Royal Botticino Marble is also used in different parts of the building wall and even in the toilets of luxury buildings.

Due to the low water absorption, compression and strength of this marble, it can be used as kitchen countertops.

The conspicuous features of Royal Botticino Marble is abstractly mentioned as follows:

  • Being brand and trendy
  • Known as one of the luxurious cream marbles
  • Having various sorts which makes it affordable with different levels of budget
  • Having difficult supplying large sized slabs
  • Unlimited supplying of tiles with different sizes
  • Suitable for classical designed places
  • Luxurious appearance


Material Marble
Code MSM-100
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Cream


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