Sayman Crystal Marble

Sayman Crystal Marble

Sayman Crystal Marble is a stone with a light white background that has lines and halloos of blue, gray, black and sometimes gold in a regular or irregular color, which in appearance and futures are completely different from other crystal Marbles. The tiny and regular crystals in Sayman Crystal Marble have made this product extremely sub-flexible and sometimes capable of transmitting light, like onyx stones.

Other feature of Sayman Crystal Marble is the number of different types and varieties, which is because of more or less lines, colors, waves and halos. But each Sayman Crystal Marble designs has its own unique beauty, which together with its structural features and extraordinary analysis has created a completely different and luxurious product. Since there is increasing popularity in various modern designs in construction projects, the use of Sayman Crystal Marble has become very popular for many architects.

Sayman Marble Slab

Many stones with a special design clearly show the beauty of the product only in the form of slabs and large dimensions. This feature is very obvious in Sayman Marble. The production of book match and four match of Sayman Marble is very common Due to the lines, waves and halos of color in the white background of Sayman Marble. Marjan Stone Co production on Saymon Marble is based on book match and four match regularly.  The use of various designs in Saymon Marble slabs is very common in interior decoration, both on the floor and on the wall because of the color.

Sayman Marble Price

Sayman Marble has a very proper price comparing other white crystal marbles, despite the uniqueness and beauty in this Marble and this is because of mass production that depends to design, color, and whiteness of this stone product.

Sayman Marble Specifications

1. Complete different in Appearance and design comparing to other crystal marbles.

2. Widely used in indoor and outdoor spaces

3. Very diverse designs and models

4. Use in ultra-modern designs

5. Proper price

6. High polishing Level.

Material Marble
Code MSM-108
STOCK Available
Style Classic
Color White

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