Silver Gold Travertine

Silver Gold Travertine

There are many type of silver Travertines in Iran. It is also the richest country in different type of silver travertine. Silver Gold Travertine is greatly different comparing others due to unique color and design.  Silver Gold Travertine has dark and light background including irregular and curvy waves that is combined with natural golden color in the texture. The golden color in Silver Gold Travertine is totally gold and it is not close to brown color whatsoever.

Silver Gold Travertine Slab

Silver Gold Travertine Slab is one of the best option to produce book match and create unique designs. Irregular and curvy waves in general and irregular golden streaks on Since Silver Gold Travertine slabs causes unique designs in verity. These beautiful slabs are proper to use in indoor and outdoor decorative designs as artistic paintings applied on buildings. On the other hand producing leathered process is very common on Silver Gold Travertine Slab.

Silver Gold Travertine Tile

Silver Gold Travertine Tile have more consumption comparing to the slab, especially in 40 by free lanes format. Tile and free lanes of this travertine is proper to be used for facades of building, interior parts and interior walls as well. It ca be also applied besides elevator walls and edges.


Material Travertine
Code MS-T26
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Silver Gold

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