Silver color gained a great importance in all industrials these days. Many industrials like Fashion, Automobiles, Carpets, and Textiles using silver color and the peak of silver color is much manifested in construction industries. The use of neutral colors such as silver has not been specific to a particular culture or country in recent years, Rather, all over the world, the use of silver color in architectural designs has found maximum use. In such a way that the use of silver color becomes one of the luxury symbols in any construction project. One of the advantages of using silver color is the combination with any kind of color, especially other neutral colors and white and black colors, which creates fantastic combination designs.

Another feature of silver marble is the widespread use in different places of a construction projects. That can become as the main option in the paving and flooring of a project, it is also used in a variety of interior walls of a project. Marjan Stone Company, focusing on the production from silver marbles in the group of neutral colors, pays special attention to the production with silver and gray colors and offers a wide range types of silver gray marbles in his production complex,. One of the most prominent of the production to supply is Persian Silk marble.

Silver Emperador Marble

The combination of brownish-gray color in the back ground of stone with lighter and darker clouds than the basic color and also white veins create delightful and matchless product.

Silver Emperador Marble is considered as a similar stone to Persian Silk Marble.

Gray Marble

Gray as a neutral color is considered as one the important elements used in any industry and art work.

Stone industry as a supplier of the most important constructing materials in the field of architecture is no exception in this regard and gray and grey colors are very important in this field so that the various types of gray marbles are regarded as the most used natural stones.

Grey Marble Stone

The usage of grey marble while reducing the tendency to use the sharp colors not only in Iran but in the most countries is such that the grey color has become a basic one in every projects.

The attention to this proportion of demand has made MGT Stone Company to put great deal of concern for gray and grey colors in our production site. And also in this regard, we offer a wide range of marbles with these two significant colors in our collection. Silver Emperador Marble is one of the items of this fantastic collection.






Material Marble
Code MSM-124
STOCK Available
Style Classic
Color Silver

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