Silver Wave Marble is a type of marble with wide and thick veins in gray, black, and white which randomly makes amazing patterns on its surface.The color of Crystal marbles is light and bright mostly. Therefore, dark colored Crystal marbles are technically rare and one of a kind, especially the black ones.

That being the case, Silver Wave Marble with a crystalline texture and noticeable analysis which gives it a nice, shiny, and polished look is being considered as an outstanding and unparalleled product worldwide.

Silver Wave Marble Slab

Producing Silver Wave Marble in the shape of slabs multiplies its beauty due to its veins and patterns on the surface. It can also be produced in shapes of book match and four match slabs which is very common. In Marjan Stone Company, the veins and patterns of the marble are used as a guideline for its production.

Silver Wave Marble utilization

Using Silver Wave Marble in modern and super modern projects has been very common nowadays which has become a symbol of luxury and modernity in projects.

One of the most common usages of this exquisite product is to be used for flooring especially for those in shapes of book match and four match.

Using this Marble for countertops in kitchens, worktops, or table tops are some other common usages of this beautiful Marble.

Additionally, it can be used in rest rooms in luxurious and modern projects which has its unique fans!

Key features of Silver Wave Marble

1.    High density which causes excessive durability.

2.    Matchless color among the types of crystal marbles.

3.    Capable of being well polished.

4.    Low water absorption, outstanding analysis and physical features.

5.    High abrasion resistance.

6.    Capability of being produced in shapes of book match and four match.

7.    Reasonable prices in comparison with similar foreign products.

8.    Capability of being used in modern projects.

Material Marble
Code MSM-156
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Grey


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