Iran is the richest country in Travertine. All travertine colors are available in Iran and some of them are exclusively from Iran. Titanium Travertine is the most famous among all unique types of Travertines. Not only the best type of Titanium Travertine comes from Iran but the variety of Titanium Travertine is also amazing in Iran at the same time and one of the famous Travertines would be Titanium Travertine among unique colors range of travertines.

Titanium Travertine consists of dark silver background that is close to dark black or brown color mostly, and there are waves same as background color that combined with some ordered white veins to bring about an eye-catching attracting design on this type of Travertine stone. Marjan Stone Co gives great importance to Titanium Travertine by finding out about the increasing demands on Silver Travertines including Titanium Travertine in collection of his total and general production and provides the highest quality in different types of Titanium Travertines in international markets.

Titanium Travertine Slab

Titanium Travertine Slab is one the most valuable and consumed Travertine among all other types. We can call Silver and Titanium Travertine one of the most exported products by our international brand of MGT from Marjan Stone Company.

Marjan Stone Co have supplied many special projects around the world. Some of our projects have been done in Spain, Indonesia and Arabic countries as well which caused added value to our products at the same time. Titanium Travertine Slab is normally produced wavy style and have many usage especially in the international projects.

Titanium Travertine Block

Titanium Travertine Block is one of the most valuable products in MGT, Marjan Stone Company and is used in many projects and exported to many countries worldwide especially in Europe. In order to be responsive adequately to our loyal customers, Marjan stone Co have stored many valuable Silver Travertines specially Titanium Travertine Blocks in his warehouse and is able to provide our customer with available blocks normally.

Titanium Travertine Tiles

Silver Travertine Tiles and specially Titanium Travertine Tiles have great consumption. The high demand for Titanium Travertine Tiles and other silver travertine tiles plus and other type of beige travertines is odd and they are the most exported products by MGT that have been exported with highest quality around the world. Silver Travertine Tiles have great usage for both interior and façade of the buildings at the same time.

Using such neutral and modern color in Washing rooms, Lobbies, Walls and Flooring is some of the usage for such amazing travertine products and it has also many usage in outdoor parts of buildings like facades, gardens and yards.

Material Travertine
Code MST-115
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Silver Titanium

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