Verde Giada Onyx

Verde Giada Onyx color is unique. The dark green color is amazing. Brown veins can be seen on the surface of many Onyx Stones. These veins are called wooden veins because of their similar look to wood. Verde Giada Onyx also has these beautiful wooden veins.

Verde Giada Onyx Block

Green color is the symbol of hope, health and nature. As a very proper item for architects who want to present the calmness and peace in outdoor and indoor environments, Verde Giada Onyx Block is available in our stocks to be supplied for producing slabs in any factory in other countries.

Verde Giada Onyx Tile

You can see that many holy shrines, luxurious palaces and cultural places are designed with different types of Green Onyx. Verde Giada Onyx tile had been an interesting stone for designers from a long time ago.

Verde Giada Onyx Slab

Onyx Stone is a high valuable and precious material. Therefore, the most accurate techniques should be used in production. As experienced experts in stone industry, here in Marjan Stone Company, we start to apply the optimum techniques from the very early stages of production in which the stone is still in the shape of block. We continue to control all the standards to the last stage, packing, in the factory to make sure that Verde Giada Onyx Slab will be delivered to clients with the highest quality. The supernatural beauty will be appear perfectly in Verde Giada Onyx slab when those are cut as book match or four match.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-110
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Green


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