Red Onyx

Marjan Stone Company is a supplier of a variety of onyx colors. In this wide range of exclusive onyx products, the red onyx of Marjan Stone Company called Red Volcano onyx has an amazing beauty. Red Volcano red onyx has a deep red color like volcanic lava, which has been
given a dazzling role by red waves. Red onyx has very special function in luxury projects. Its use in a variety of bars and hotels with light and lighting creates a very special effect. The red color in onyx creates an amazing product.

Red Onyx Marble

Red onyx is used in a variety of decorative industries and even clothing. It is also widely used in dishes and health products and is a symbol of luxury, but red onyx marble is a special product and a special offer of Marjan stone Company in this attractive industry.

Red Onyx Tile

Red onyx tile is used in very luxurious and special projects such as hotel lobbies or bars and clubs. Marjan stone can to offer large tiles of red onyx and its product, namely red Volcano onyx, to esteemed customers who were looking for very special and different products. The space offered by Marjan stone Company for using this amazing product is used in the washroom of luxury projects.

Red Onyx Slabs

Red volcano red slabs make the best book match combinations due to their design. Each of the red onyx slabs is like a painting that can be used on the walls or floor of luxury projects. Red onyx slabs are always ready to be offered to special customers in the fixed products of Marjan stone Company.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-121
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color Red

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