White Karmania Traonyx has proven to be one of the most popular Traonyx stones. Compared to similar stones, portion of onyx in white traonyx is higher. That is the reason of White Traonyx incredible light transmission.

Translucent background of White Karmania Traonyx is super light cream. Combined with onyx veins, this color creates stunning irregular pattern of brown and black.

Traonyx usage

Traonyx is generally composed of a specific types of travertines and individual type of onyx. In another word, combination of two patterns of travertine and onyx creates the Traonyx. Thanks to travertine existence, traonyx usage for exterior applications turns to be absolutely possible. That is while different types of onyx and travertine stones are not recommended for exterior application. Traonyx usage is so common in interior and decorative spaces as well. Therefore, Marjan Stone Company provides a wide variety of traonyx stones.

Material Onyx
Code MSO-122
STOCK Available
Style Modern
Color White

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